Friday, 22nd September, 2023.


1. Trained over 800 youths and women in different skills and trades, with the provision of starter packs for them, in its Entrepreneurship, Trades & Skills Acquisition Programme (3rd batch to commence on Monday 25th Sept, 2023)

2. Gave Scholarship (all expenses paid) to 4 Port Harcourt youths at the reputable Charkim Maritime Academy.

3. Gave micro business support grants to 200 widows and indigent women, drawn evenly from the 20 wards of the Local Government Area.


1. Completed and furnished a 6-classroom block, with 200 sitting capacity Assembly hall at the Government Secondary School, Nkpolu Oroworukwo, (Mile 3)

2. Renovated and furnished State Primary School 1, Orogbum, D-Line.

3. Renovated and furnished State Primary School, Ibadan Street, Old Township area.

4. Renovated and furnished State Primary School 2, Orogbum, D-Line.

5. Completed and furnished Corpers Lodge with 6 self-contained apartments, fenced with interlocked space at Government Secondary School Nkpolu Oroworukwo (mile 3)


1. Built and furnished fully equipped 3-storey building Primary Health Care Authority Centre, with 4-bed space wards, 18 rooms office space, over 300 sitting capacity hall, confectionery, theatre, another 15 sitting capacity conference hall, Doctor’s residence, and other facilities in the Council Secretariat.

2. Provided free micro Healthcare for 250 people through its partnership with Sosocare, an innovative Health Insurance Company.

3. The first Local Government Chairman in Rivers State to inaugurate the Local Government Healthcare Authority and Ward Development Committees of the Rivers State Primary HealthCare Management Board; with the task to sensitize the grassroots on the need to use the state owned Primary Healthcare centres and support the government in ensuring that the Healthcare centres function effectively.


1. Constructed an Ultra Modern Market in Oroworukwo Community (to be commissioned soon).

2. Constructed the Port Harcourt Tools Mall with 34 shops, interlocked car park space for over 20 cars, and fenced with a gatehouse at Urulla Street, Rumuwoji Community, Mile 2, Diobu.

3. Renovated and remodelled the dilapidated Port Harcourt Global Information Technology Centre (ICT.), with 102 shops and a fenced interlocked car park space for over 100 cars at Nkpolu Oroworukwo, Mile 3, Diobu.

4. Reconstructed Ohiamini Street, off Olu Obasanjo Road, in Egwuma Abali Community.

5. Ongoing construction of office complex for Federal Agencies and Parastatals in the Council Secretariat.

6. Ongoing construction of Staff Canteen and Shopping Mall in the Council Secretariat.


1. Sustained regular disilting of drainages and canals in different flood prone areas of the city.

2. Replaced stolen manholes in parts of the city to complement the State Government’s effort.

3. Carried out effective refuse disposal and provision of an emergency refuse dump site between April 2022 to May 2022, in compliance with the directive of the then Governor of Rivers State.

4. Sustained daily environmental sanitation exercise in different parts of city markets, motor parks, and major roads.

5. Sustained daily sweeping of the Abali Fly over, Agudama Street, Ogbum nu Abali Road, Nkpogu Road, Kaduna Street, Olu Obasanjo by Landmark Road, Nzimiro, William Jumbo, Harley Street and their environs.


1. Renovated and restored the motor park status of the Abali Park that was converted to illegal market for decades.

2. Ongoing renovation and restoration of Nkpolu Oroworukwo Motor Park, Mile 3, which was also converted to illegal markets for decades.


1. Constructed a (life-threatening) gully erosion control of over 40 feet deep, 100 mitres long, and 10 mitres wide, and a pedestrian bridge at the Akwuzu Street in Rumuwoji Community.

2. Sustained effective communications and productive working relationships with security agencies, chiefs, community groups, and local vigilantee groups to ensure a peaceful, business-friendly, and fun-filled city.

3. Constructed and furnished a 300 sitting capacity Ozuboko Community Town Hall, with offices, cloakroom, waiting room, and other facilities, in ward 20.

4. Constructed a 26-room toilet facility at Marine Base Waterfront, Old Township area.

5. Constructed a 10-room toilet facility at Captain Amangala Waterfront.

6. Provided 500K/33KVA transformer for Rumu-oparaeli Community, Old GRA.

7. Provided 500/33KVA transformer for the people of Rumuwoji Community.

8. Provided solar street lights at Kpadeli street at Orochiri Community.

9. Provided solar streetlights Chief Ogbuga, Chief Ogbonda and Chief Edeh streets at Orogbum Community.

10. Provided 6000 (six thousand) litres capacity water project and a standby power generator for Mgbunduku Community, Mile 2, Diobu.

11. Provided 12,000 (twelve thousand) litres braithwaite borehole water project and a standby power generator for the people of Bundu Waterside in the Old Township area.

12. Constructed a retaining wall to control erosion at Victory Avenue in Elekahia Community.

13. Provided 6000 (six thousand) litres capacity borehole water project and a standby power generator for the people of Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community.

14. Provided 500/33KVA Transformer at Rumuokukwu Community in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Town


1. Increased revenue generation under a decent and cooperate revenue collection through the engagement of Emma Wike Company, a renowned revenue agent, and supervised by the revenue committee of the local government.


1. Furnished of over 70 offices with top-class furniture and airconditioners for the local government workers and other federal agencies operating in the council secretariat.

2. Gave choice cars to all elected officials.

3. Reconstructed & Completed the Procurement Department Building of the Local Government.

4. Made over 300 political appointments

5. Gave yearly Christmas bonuses and gifts to workers and political appointees.

6. Organises yearly Christmas Carol and parties for staff and political appointees in the Council Secretariat.

7. Organises send forth parties for retired directors and other senior staff of the Council.

8. Sponsored a 3-day training workshop for senior staff and principal appointees to boost administrative efficiency.

9. Sponsored a 3 day training workshop for elected councillors to boost legislative efficiency.

10. Sustained weekly Monday prayer / worship sessions for staff and political appointees.

11. Maintained a cordial working relationship with the Port Harcourt Local Government chapter of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE).

12. Training and development of management and non-management staffers in all departments of the council.

13. Sponsoring of management and non-management staffers of the council for seminars, workshops, and conferences of different professional bodies.


1. Sustained the fight against illegal bunkering activities.

2. Sustained the fight against illegal mechanic workshops, markets, street trading, and motor parks.

3. Sustained the enforcement of sanitation laws.

4. Sustained the fight against indiscriminate parking of trucks, trailers, and other articulated vehicles on the roads.

5. Sustained the fight against the activities of prostitutes and illicit drug sellers in some parts (nightclub areas) of the NEW GRA.

“For risking the usual to achieve the unprecedented, it is our prayer that as the caterpillar turns to butterfly when he thought the world was ending, so will it be with the administration of Sir Allwell Ihunda DSSRS JP., the genial and technocratic Mayor of Port Harcourt City.”


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