In his determination to surpass his campaign promises and leave an unmatched legacy, the Mayor of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area is presently undertaken the following projects, concurrently.

1. Construction of Ultra Modern Market, Oroworukwo Community, PHALGA Ward 9 (80% completed).

2. Construction of Ohiamini Road, off Olu Obasanjo Road, Egwuma Abali Community, PHALGA Ward 1 (80 completed).

3. Construction of toilet Facility to in Marine Base, PHALGA Ward 6 (90% completed).

4. Construction of office complex for Federal Agencies and Parastatals in the Council Secretariat (Foundation stage).

5. Construction of Staff Canteen and Shopping Mall in the Council Secretariat.

It is interesting to note that more people oriented projects will be fagged-off in the coming weeks.

These are apart from the human capacity development programmes of the administration that has trained and empowered over 600 youths and women to start their trades and businesses; the completion of infrastructure projects in other Wards to complete the 20 Wards of the LGA., the sustainance of disilting of drainages water channels and daily clean-ups of different roads, streets and market sourroundings by the council Environmental Sanitation Committee.

For Sir Allwell Ihunda, governance is worthless without the continual delivery of physical development, progress, and growth in human capacity as much as infrastructure.

Below are some of the projects executed already by the people-oriented Mayor, Sir Allwell Ihunda.

25 Remarkable Achievements Of The Mayor Of Port Harcourt, Sir Allwell Ihunda Within A Year In Office.

The people oriented Mayor of Port Harcourt, Sir Allwell Ihunda JP continues to fulfill all his campaign promises with his infrastructural developmental strives and human capacity development.

His productive leadership is bringing the dividends of democracy to the people of Port Harcourt since his emergence as the Mayor of Port Harcourt in 17th June, 2021.

He puts the resources of Port Harcourt into profitable use with his prudence that enhanced productivity in the Governance of Port Harcourt.

Below are 25 Remarkable Achievements Of The Mayor Of Port Harcourt, Sir Allwell Ihunda Within A Year In Office.

1. Construction of Port Harcourt City Council Health Care Center.

2. Construction of Port Harcourt Digital Tools Mall, Rumuwoji.

3. Construction of Global ICT center, Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community, Port Harcourt.

4. Construction of Ozuboko community Hall, Port Harcourt.

5. 12,000 litres capacity water project in Bundu waterfront.

6. Water project in Ojoto street, Mgbunduku Community, Port Harcourt.

7. Water project in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community, Port Harcourt.

8. Solar street lights in Rumuwoji community.

9. Solar street lights in Orochiri community.

10. Solar street lights in Orogbum community.

11. Completion and furnishing of NYSC apartment in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community Secondary School, Port Harcourt.

12. Completion and furnishing of 200 sitting capacity assembly hall in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community Secondary School, Port Harcourt.

13. Completion and furnishing of 6 classroom blocks in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community Secondary School.

14. Drain desilting in Port Harcourt Cities. This has significantly stop flooding in the streets of Port Harcourt.


15. Over 700 beneficiaries in different skills from the Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Programme. And

16. Scholarship for Port Harcourt Youth in Charkin Maritime Academy.

17. Furnishing of 70 offices in the Local Government Council.

18. Completion and furnishing of brand new procurement building.

19. Donation of 500KVA transformer to Wechie and Ikokeu streets.

20. Donation of 500KVA transformer to Abakiliki street, Rumuwoji community.

21. Donation of 500KVA transformer to Rumuoparaeli community.

22. Construction of erosion control of over 40ft deep, 100m long, 25m width and a pedestrian bridge in Akwuzu street, Rumuwoji community.

23. Construction of a retaining wall to control erosion in Victory Avenue, Elekahia, Port Harcourt.

24. Sustained vigorous fight against illegal bunkery activities (kpofire).

25. Restoration of the Motor Park Status in the Abali Motor Park.

others are the Public toilets at Amangana and Marine base.

The Mayor continues to do more projects after his one year in office.

All is well in Port Harcourt City Local Government!

Sir Allwell Ihunda is making a big statement!

Sir Allwell Ihunda is working!

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