Housing Policy: Sir Siminalayi Fubara Plans To Partner With Private Sector Developers, Others

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Credit: Ibim Semenitari

As Rivers State continues to urbanise, the demand for decent housing also escalates.

According to Sir Siminalayi Fubara, the Rivers State PDP governorship candidate, New Rivers Vision’s housing policy supports private sector investments in housing development to reduce the deficit.

Fubara promised to expand opportunities and incentives for individuals and real estate developers to invest in providing affordable houses for citizens.

He said this in his 37 paged manifesto; we shall:
• Provide an enabling environment for massive housing development programme through public-private partnership participation;

• Improve land acquisition and development by removing all encumbrances through reduced fees and timely approval of title documents to attract and encourage estate developers to deliver affordable housing.

• Provide housing loans for civil servants to acquire or build their own houses with flexible long-term repayment terms;

• Leverage the Federal Government to site low-cost housing schemes in the State for citizens to acquire for their families; and

• Support the Rivers State Housing and Property Development Authority to promote and invest in the development of housing
estates to serve the needs of citizens either one or in partnership with the private sector.

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