Rivers 2023: Stepping into Rivers Wike’s big Shoes


Certainly, Governor Nyesom Wike’s stint in office has gone by incredibly quickly, but one thing that has been constant over the years has been his brave, resolute, fearless, determined, and unrelenting devotion to selfless and patriotic service.


Many people still recall the difficult days that followed May 29, 2015, when Governor Wike, faced with a state that saw nearly all of its sectors collapse, simply pulled up his sleeves and got to work on restoring democracy and getting Rivers State to run once again.


From the moment he took office in 2015, Governor Wike got to work right away, repairing roads and bridges, reorganizing institutions and establishments, opening up previously closed-off areas like the judiciary, and bravely repairing a broken, dysfunctional, dystopian, and purposefully abandoned State.


The Rivers Governor, who was appropriately dubbed “Mr Projects” by Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has not only silenced his detractors but also put his critics to shame. The roadmap to begin the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Rivers State had been laid out in the inauguration address on May 29, 2015, and in the typical charismatic, all-action fashion which has defined his administration.


On May 29, 2023, Governor Wike will pass the reins to his replacement, who will oversee state operations for another four years. Without a question, only those of honourable character and knowledge are capable of filling the significant void that Governor Wike is about to leave.


Many people held the opinion that the best successor should be someone who got along well with the governor. They have stated that Wike’s successor ought to be capable of upholding his legacies and bringing democratic benefits to the people of Rivers State.


Sir Siminalayi Fubara has emerged as the top candidate to become the next governor of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest states. Many believe he is the greatest candidate to fill Governor Wike’s large shoes because he previously worked for Wike as his Accountant General.


Fubara, a highly brilliant guy of impeccable character, a kind and sympathetic new breed of politician, and a tried-and-true technocrat is currently the only person of integrity who can lead River State to success.


Fubara, who was born on January 28, 1975, in Opobo Town in the Rivers State local government area of Opobo/Nkoro, has had a long and distinguished career in the state civil service. He worked his way up through the ranks before being named the state’s accountant general in 2020.


The University of Port Harcourt Business School graduate with a Master of Science in Finance and a Master of Business Administration degree is quiet yet maintains social ties with all facets of society. His humanity, deference for authority, and, above all, his generosity, are widely regarded. Regardless of their political views, he is also well known for having a great deal of respect for Rivers Elders and frontline leaders.


Along with his own charitable endeavors, his vital contributions to the community expanded from initial volunteer work to later government programs and personal efforts focused on the advancement of Opobo Kingdom and the broader local government region.


For the past ten years, Sir Fubara has mostly participated in politics as a devoted democrat who believes in the might of the people. This explains his unwavering attention to the underprivileged. Fubara has established himself as the finest candidate to succeed Governor Wike thanks to his work in the civil service and his exploration of new opportunities.

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