21st September, 2022.


~ Robertson Jack, SSA. Media to the Mayor of Port Harcourt City Local Government.

* The preparedness of Sir Allwell Ihunda, Mayor of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area for the top job became visible from the first week after his inauguration; close observers and Staff of the Council saw clear signs of hope of improvement. From his first day in office, Sir Allwell embarked on a marathon visits to all offices in the Council premises, and to all Council properties at different locations across the Local Government Area for fact-finding.

* Equipped with the required information, Sir Ihunda kick started the completition of uncompleted projects and refurbishing of dilapidated projects of previous administrations, recruitment of the 1st Batch of beneficiaries of his administration’s Skills Acquisition Programme, and the process on implementing his (initiated) infrastructural projects, within the first one month of his administration.

* It is noteworthy that all these were carefully done inline with his Rejuvenation of the City’s status agenda, and in partnership with the Urban Renewal Policy of the Wike led administration.

* With the above foundational commitment to duty, Sir Ihunda was able to within 4 months complete and refurbish some (inherited) uncompleted and dilapidated projects respectively, and also complete some initiated projects such as;

1. Concluded the training and graduation of the first batch of the Skills Acquisition Programme of the Local Government, with over 200 beneficiaries trained in different vocational and technical skills such as; Tailoring, Gele tieing, Computer Training and others, and were given Starter-Packs as a soft landing to start business.

2. Completed and fully furnished a 6-classroom block at the Rumuwuji Secondary School with a 200 sitting capacity Assembly Hall, and a Corper’s Lodge with 6 self-contained apartment (fully furnished) and an interlocked car park space of over 8 cars, fenced with a gate house.

3. Refurbished the Council’s toilet facility at GRA Junction, Aba Road.

4. Completed and furnished the Council’s Procurement Department Building.

5. Furnished the New Office Complex with 33 offices, for Political Appointees.

6. Furnished over 50 more offices in the Council Secretariat to eliminate the challenges of lack of office space for staff and political appointees.

7. Made over 400 political appointments.

8. Delivered solar street lights to the people of Ogbonda / Ogbuga Streets in Ogbunabali Community Ward 2, Kpadeli Street in Rumukalagbor Community Ward 8 and Nanka Street in Ward 12 the Diobu axis.

9. Provided a 6,000 litres capacity water project for the people of Oro-Obaziolu Community in Ward 18 and Ojoto Street, Mgbunduku Community in Ward 14, Diobu.

10. Built a toilet facility at Captain Amangala Street in Ward 7 of the Old Township.

11. Constructed a gully erosion control of over 40ft deep, 100 mitres long, 10 mitres wide and a pedestrian bridge at Akwuzu Street in Ward 13.

12. Gave scholarship (all expenses paid) worth tens of millions to 4 teenagers at the prestigious Charkim Maritime Academy.

* All these were followed by a sustained daily environmental sanitation / refuse disposal exercise in different parts of the City, enforcement of the law against street trading and illegal motor parks, the corporate and responsible revenue collection and the fight against illegal bunkering activities a.k.a Kpofire.

* Still determined to deliver on his campaign promises, Sir Allwell Ihunda has for the past 1 year in office continued to deliver uncommon governance, evident in the following landmark achievements:

1. Completed the 2nd batch of the Skills’ Acquisition Programme with over 400 beneficiaries, trained in more technical skills like crane operation, shoe making, phone repairing, refrigeration and confectionary, pipe fitting, scaffolding, database administration, with a longer training duration.

2. Constructed the Port Harcourt Council Healthcare Authority Building with a theatre room, office spaces, 2 4-bed wards, Resident Doctor’s apartment, Environmental / Community Health offices, 300 sitting capacity hall, 15 sutting capacity Conference Hall, smoke detector, Intercom and a confectionery, fully furnished and equipped.

3. Constructed the Port Harcourt Digital Tools Mall with 40 (fenced) sizeable lock-up shops with car park and a gatehouse.

4. Remodelled the dilapidated Global Information Communication Technology Centre (ICT.), a massive mall with over 100 sizeable shops and a car park space of over 200 cars.

5. Constructed Ozubokor Community Town Hall with 300 sitting capacity, 6 toilet facilities, 3 offices, 1 cloakroom, 1 parking store and a reception in Ward 20

6. Constructed a 12,000 litres capacity water project at the Bundu Waterfront in the Old Township Ward 5.

7. Provided 500/33KVA transformers to Rumu-oparaeli Community in Ward 4, Abaliliki Street axis of Rumuwoji Community in Ward 12, and Wechie and Okokwu Streets in Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community in Ward 10.

8. Restored the motor park status of the Abali Park.

9. Constructed a Retaining Wall to control erosion at Victory Avenue in Elekahia Community, Ward 19.

10. Disilted several drainage systems in some parts of the City.

* As a man who believe in the distribution of infrastructural projects, Sir Allwell Ihunda is currently carrying out needs assessment in partnership with Councillors and stakeholders of Wards that have not felt his administration’s presence, for delivery of more people oriented projects; taking Local Government administration to a higher level; and justifying the words of Collin Powell who said, “There’s no secret to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work”.

* As we look forward to the coming days of commissioning of some landmark projects, undertaking by the Port Harcourt City Local Government, it is expedient to remind the good people of the area that their continous partnership and support for the administration of Sir Allwell Ihunda is a support for good governance and collective prosperity.

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