_Promise to consolidate on the achievements of past administrations_

Mayor Of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, Sir Allwell Ihunda,on Thursday,presented the proposed Appropriation Bill of N6.789bn for 2022 to the Local Government’s Legislators.

Christened “BUDGET OF CONSOLIDATION”,the Mayor told the lawmakers that the Bill was made up of N2.007bn for capital expenditure,N4.722bn for recurrent expenditure and N67.986mn as reserved fund of 1% Revenue.

He said the capital expenditure is targeted at the completion of all ongoing projects and new projects in critical areas of need.

The Mayor said that the 2022 Budget proposal was targeted at greater transparency and proper accountability,he said the Budget is birthed to strengthen the local government system and consolidate on the achievements of past administrations.

He said, on assumption of duty he invited the lawmakers to furnish his office with proposals of projects desired by their respective wards.
It is on the strength of that,he was able to execute the following projects so far;

1. Ward 2 : Chief Ogbondah/Ogbuga Street Lights.
2. Ward 7: Public Convenience.
3. Ward 8: Kpadeli Solar Street Lights.
4. Ward 10: (2)500 KVA Electric Transformers,Nkpolu Oroworukwo Community Secondary School Projects,flagged-off of the Reconstruction of the skills Acquisition centre Nkpolu Oroworukwo which is been converted to Global computer centre,
5. Ward 11: Flagged-off of ultra modern digital tools mall in Rumuwoji Community currently under construction.
6. Ward 12: 500KVA Electric Transformer
Ward 13: Nanka Solar Street Lights.

He further said that his administration commenced an empowerment and skills acquisition programme to curb the menace of unemployment bedeviling the local government area.

“In other to tackle unemployment, our administration was also able to commence our pilot programme (The Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Programme)which we Flagged-off on the 12th of August 2021.
On the 7th of December 2021,and ceremoniously graduated the first set of 200 beneficiaries and awarded them with certificates,starter packs and stipends.
All of these wouldn’t have been achieved without your support”,the Mayor said.

He said in this fiscal year,various projects have been lined up for the benefit of the people.

“With fiscal discipline and efficiency we will deliver on these people oriented projects and recurrent expenditures which our budget of consolidation is resting on”.,Sir Allwell Ihunda said.

Some of the projects he has scheduled for commissioning this year includes;

1. Global Computer Centre,Nkpolu Oroworukwo.
2. Ultra modern Digital tools mall, Rumuwoji Community.
3. Council Health Care Centre (Sick Bay)
and several other ward projects to be carried out.
4. The eerosion control of over 40 feet deep, 25 feet wide and 100 feet long, at Okwuzo, Street at Mile 2, Diobu.

Sir Allwell Ihunda said he is presently exploring the dry season to curb the menace of flood witnessed in some parts of Port Harcourt last year.
His administration is desilting water channels at Bank road, Azikiwe road,Peter Odili road, Rumukalagbor/Elekahia Link road,Sam Woko by Nkpolu Oroworukwo ultra modern market,with the hope that at the completion of this exercise,government, residents and business interests in these areas will heave a sigh of relief.

Welcoming Sir Allwell Ihunda earlier to the legislative chamber,the leader Hon. Hanachor Noble Orlu,said with the feat achieved by the current Local Government Administration in seven months,the legislative council will continue to support the executive through passage of people oriented and development driven legislations.

“I want to assure you that I and my colleagues will continue to support your policies and programmes for the sustained development of the Local Government”,the leader assured.

Motion to accept the Appropriation Bill for consideration was moved by the Deputy leader,Hon Tamunoimimabo Christian and was seconded by the Chief whip,Hon. Nyekazi Chimenem Owiriwa.

Bob Abayomi,
Chief Press Secretary,
Port Harcourt City Local Government.

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