Watch the video below.


Almighty Bishop Okoye Market is finally free ooo and motorable.
When last did you visit the almighty Bishop Okoye market?
Oh my goodness! You need to visit it now and see how open and Motorable the Road is now.

Tell your friends and families to visit and see for themselves.
You can now drive through bishop Okoye market steets because is so clear, free from any traffic or road decongestion and also secured.
Decongestion exercises is really yielding results.

When last did anyone see Bishop Okoye Road this clean, clear and free for road users?
Honourable Ihunwo Victor Nyeche JP, Mayor of Port Harcourt City and his decongestion team are working.
Port Harcourt City Council is setting the pace.

It’s not only bishop Okoye that have been decongested, all the streets in Port Harcourt City are experiencing the same.