Ikwerre Road decongestion of traffic.

The Port Harcourt City Local Government continues his excellent work to make Port Harcourt City a great city, as Mayor of Port Harcourt city Hon Victor Ihunwo Nyeche and his decongestion team hit Ikwerre road and his internal roads.


” Help the government for the government to help you” – Mayor of Port Harcourt Victor Ihunwo appeals to Street Traders on Ikwerre Road.

The Mayor of Port Harcourt City, Honourable Ihunwo Victor Nyeche, JP, has appealed to the traders at Ikwerre Road to heed to the directive of the council for them to leave the road and honour the plea by his administration to come forward to meet minds with his administration to get a place for them to trade.


The Mayor, who made the appeal during the enforcement of the ban on street trading, at Ikwerre road, yesterday, advised the street traders to, from amongst themselves, get people to interface with the council to get a place for them to do their business.

“Because you knew we were coming you have removed all your wares, how long do you want do continue to run whenever you see us coming?

“The illegal levies you pay in a month to trade on the street will be enough to get a shop for you to trade. Get yourself organized and choose those to meet with us to get a safe place for you to trade, please help the government for the government to help you”, he appealed.

The team later moved to Sangana Street where the Mayor in addition to the 3 weeks that was earlier given to them to leave the road gave an additional one week grace which would elapse on Wednesday 15 May, 2019 for the commencement of the enforcement of the ban.

Similarly, he advised the traders to organise themselves and come to the council for the council to make a place available for them to trade. While shop owners on the streets who had their wares displaced on top of the covered drainage system or wares exceeding the pedestrian walkway were asked to make adjustment before the commencement of the enforcement of the ban.

At sun down, the team visited Bishop Okoye Road where the Mayor fashioned out ways to halt the informal business activities of those they call the “early morning traders”, complaint by shop owners trading before the chain-link fence demarcating the road and their shops has it that the heap of refuse seen on the road in the morning when the team first visited to see whether or not motorists and commuters were commuting without obstructions, were left on the road by those they say trades on the road from 5 AM in the morning and leave by 6 or 7AM.

The Mayor further reechoed his riot act to those collecting money from the traders to trade on Bishop Okoye Road, where his administration has recorded a notable success in vacating the traders, to steer clear from the road or expose themselves to arrest, prosecution and jail.

Friday 10th May, 2019.